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Will my insurance cover my anaesthesia care?

Your private health insurance will cover a large part of your total anaesthesia fee, however rebates from medical insurance companies vary widely.  Where a Known Gap Policy is utilised, your anaesthetist will be able to provide you with a Known Gap "Out of Pocket Quote" up front. If your insurer does not provide a Known Gap product, your Anaesthetist will be able to provide a Full Fee quote prior to surgery. Please contact Northern Rivers Anaesthesia for a quote prior to surgery. If you have concerns about your out of pocket costs, please discuss with your anaesthetist.

How can payment be made for Anaesthesia Services?

Payment can be made via Cash, Cheque, or Credit Card Payment over the phone by contacting Northern Rivers Anaesthesia on 66221285 .  OpenPay is available for payment with some of our Specialists. If you have concerns, please contact our professional secretarial staff to discuss options for payment if required.

Do I need to see my anaesthetist before surgery?

For major surgery or if you have any concerns, we recommend you contact your anaesthetist before surgery, so please call us. For minor surgery your anaesthetist will generally see you on the day of surgery. At present, these appointments will mostly be offered as Telephone Consultations due to Covid restrictions.

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